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HealthCare Clinical Laboratories is a service of St. Joseph's Medical Center and a Dignity Health Member. The laboratory is a full service operation providing a comprehensive listing of clinical laboratory procedures. HealthCare Clinical Laboratories is locally owned and operated and is committed to providing quality laboratory work through a program of accreditations and internal and external proficiency testing. The Medical Directors are board certified Pathologists in both Clinical and Anatomical Pathology, which enables the laboratory to provide timely consultation on laboratory results.

The goal of St. Joseph's Medical Center and its many services is to provide comprehensive high quality medical care in a caring and cost effective manner to the medical communities of San Joaquin and adjacent counties.

Quality Control and Accreditation

The laboratory subscribes to national proficiency testing programs from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and internal quality control samples which are frequently interspersed with patients samples to detect any deviations in accuracy.

The laboratory is also accredited by the College of American Pathologists which is a rigorous peer review of the laboratories standards of practice. The California Department of Health Services inspects and certifies HealthCare for Medicare and Medi-Cal testing. The Medical Center based Blood Banking Department subscribes to proficiency testing.