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We are HealthCare Clinical Laboratories, a department of St. Joseph’s Medical Center and a Dignity Health Member. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of:

Pathologists, both Clinical and Anatomical,
Clinical Laboratory Scientists,
Medical Laboratory Technicians,
Certified Phlebotomists,
Couriers and

We provide laboratory services throughout the Dignity Health system within the state of California while maintaining our leadership in our own community in the San Joaquin Valley. We strive to provide clients with optimal access to our services while representing the Mission of St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Dignity Health.

We are committed to quality, professionalism and economic success. Standards of high quality will be maintained through concurrent programs such as Quality Improvement Process; retrospective programs including Quality Assurance; accreditation programs through JCAHO, CAP and AABB; and licensure by the State of California. Standards of professionalism will be maintained through education and training. In accordance with this image, the laboratory will promote an orderly and responsible diversified program of growth with an emphasis on innovation and responsiveness to community need.

Values Statement

The mission of HealthCare Clinical Laboratories is accomplished through the process of Quality Improvement. We are guided by the following values:

RESPECT: We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of the individual as each contributes their talent to the organization. We treat our customers and each other with dignity.

COMPASSION: We respect the needs and feelings of our customers and each other.

EXCELLENCE: We will strive to achieve personal growth, professional expertise and technical quality. We will develop and share our knowledge with each other, the medical staff and the community at large.

INTEGRITY: We will be honest and fair in all we do, acting in accordance with our education and experience to promote the highest ethical standards.

Vision Statement

HealthCare Clinical Laboratories is a regional leader is the promotion of diversified laboratory services. We are characterized by responsiveness to change and anticipation of opportunity.

Our growth and evolution is represented by the establishment of new relationships, the promotion of community wellness and increased accessibility for our clients.

Expansion of opportunities is achieved through exploration of new markets, new technologies and evaluation of community and corporate needs. Our future will be built with principles of quality and planned cost effectiveness.