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Courier Services (click here) (209) 461-5394 or (888) LAB-HCCL
The laboratory couriers pick up specimens and deliver reports directly to physician offices and other facilities. They are radio dispatched enabling them to respond rapidly to client requests for STAT and urgent procedures. Click here for courier hours, information and packing procedures.

Consultations Pathology (209) 943-2000 ext. 3468 or (209) 467-6330
Our medical directors and the senior members of our technical staff are always available for telephone consultation to answer any questions you may have pertaining to interpretations and methodologies of laboratory tests and results.

Customer Service (209) 467-6430 or (209) 467-6330
Our customer service staff can answer your questions regarding specimen requirements, reports, and other services. They also call all panic or critical values to the ordering physician and to the facility as well as any telephone reports requested.

Billing Services (209) 956-4400 or (209) 467-6430
For all billing questions, please call the numbers provided above.

Reference Testing
Those procedures not performed by our laboratory, are forwarded to a selected reference laboratory. Reference laboratories are chosen for quality, reliability, and service and must be certified by the same agencies which certify our own laboratory or by the CDC at the national level. New procedures are regularly developed and should you find a procedure not listed, please call our customer service department for information concerning availability.

Specimen Collection Click on the Test Menu Page or call (209) 467-6430 or (209) 467-6330
Testing accuracy is dependent upon careful attention to collection technique and specimen preparation. A quality laboratory result starts with the collection and handling of the specimen. If there are any questions regarding the specimen, the laboratory will call to clarify these matters. If you wish to collect specimens in your facility, the laboratory will provide all necessary tubes and containers at no cost.